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Each call is hand made from reclaimed wood in the United States of America.

*All Green Mountain Turkey Calls are handmade. Therefore each one looks and sounds a little different.



"I had never used a box call prior to the 2007 spring turkey season. I had always relied on push-button, slate and mouth calls. Having an opportunity to try one of Mike's custom made box calls, I was impressed with the sound quality and how easy it was to use. I vowed I was going to try one that spring. Going to a spot that had produced before, I got there early and had planned to set up on a wooded knoll way across the open field that was approximately 200 yards across. Not wanting to cross the open field and spook the tom, I decided to set up on the edge of a fence line on my side of the open field that had a decent sized tree to start calling from. Using just the box call, I got an immediate response from the tom. He continued to respond and 10 minutes later I heard his gobbles change in sound and location. He had pitched down from his roost. A few minutes later, I saw him out in the middle of the field all fanned out. I continued to call and had him within 40 yards and decided to shoot since I had no cover from where I was calling. When I got to the dead bird and picked him up, I couldn't believe how heavy he was. Carrying him back to the truck continued to confirm that. He ended up weighing 23.6 pounds, had a 9.5" beard and 3/4" spurs. This was my heaviest bird and I want to thank Mike for introducing me to his box calls. I would never be without one now."

-- Larry Bilodeau - Rutland, Vermont

"... I really like the excellent sound and the continued reliability that it gives me. I have not been able to find this kind of performance with the other box calls that I have tried in the past. The problems that the other box calls gave me in past years had me using mouth calls almost exclusively on my hunts... that is until I tried one of Mike's box calls. Now I use the box call that I got from him almost exclusively and the mouth calls have been collecting a lot of dust. As a result of my happiness with this box call I purchased, several more which were raffled off at our club last year. Our members can be very demanding and after looking these over everyone of them was purchasing tickets and hoping that they would be winning one!"
-- Mike Johnston, former president of the Mendon Fish & Game Club

"I do the majority of my turkey hunting on hardwood ridges that get very little hunting pressure. It is not uncommon for my early morning hikes to exceed a mile or more to get into position before first light. Mike's box call is a perfect fit for my style of hunting. It's versatility and physical size are very appealing. I can cut, make soft yelps and crank up the volume if I need to. Contrary to most hunters, I try to keep it simple and stick with what works. Why carry three calls when one of Mike's can do it all..."

-- Jeremy Baker, President of the Mendon Fish & Game Club & VT Fish & Wildlife board member

-- Jody Frederick, Wallingford, VT
1st of her two '08 Spring Gobblers taken with the help of a Green Mountain Turkey Call

-- David Crossman, Tinmouth, VT
Dave is looking forward to spring turkey hunting to try his luck again with a Green Mountain Turkey Call to bag another 24 lb beauty like this one!!

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